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Intervention & Support

Student Study Team

If a student is experiencing difficulty with class work, behavior, or attendance, the teacher or an administrator may refer the child for a Student Study Team Meeting (SST).  The SST team consists of the parent or guardian, the classroom teacher, a school administrator, and/or other invited participants.  The purpose of the team is to discuss current performance levels and come up with an intervention plan to implement at school and at home.  After the initial SST meeting, a follow-up meeting is scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks later in order to evaluate the progress of the student using the suggested interventions. 

Support Services

Resource Specialist Program (RSP): The Resource Specialist provides instructional support to those students identified with a learning disability and academic discrepancy as noted on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Speech & Language Services: Speech and language services are available from the Speech therapist for those students who have been identified through the IEP process as needing special assistance in speech articulation and language development.