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Bicycles & Scooters

Only students in grades 3-5 are allowed to ride a bicycle or scooter to school unsupervised.  Students in Grades K-2 may ride their bicycle or scooter only if accompanied by an adult.  Students must walk bikes and scooters once on campus.  All students with permission to ride a bicycle or scooter MUST WEAR A HELMET.  If a student arrives at the school with their bicycle or scooter, but without a helmet, he/she will have their bike or scooter confiscated and only a parent will be permitted to pick it up.  Any violation of this safety regulation will result in the privilege of riding a bicycle or scooter being revoked.  Students are responsible to lock up their bike or scooter on the bike rack in front of room E8.  The school is not responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles or scooters.


NOTE:  Skateboards and roller skates/blades are not permitted on campus at any time.