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Intra-district transfers are transfers for those who reside within Rialto Unified School District boundaries but wish to attend a school other than their school of residence.  Applications are available on the Rialto Unified School District web page ( and at the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.  Completed applications need to be submitted to the Student Services office located at 260 S. Willow Ave. from 7:30 to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (except holidays). 


Intra-district transfers are reviewed and approved based on space availability, attendance, and discipline history.  Parents/Guardians assume responsibility for all transportation.  Students must maintain a 90% positive attendance rate (absences, tardies, early-release, and late pick-up will count against attendance rate).  Students must maintain proper conduct at school and at school-related activities.  Violation of these conditions may result in revocation of an Intra-district transfer.  Priority will be given to those with siblings on approved Intra-district transfers.  Remaining students will be placed on a wait list.